I love discus fish

discus fishMy favorite kind of fish in the world is the discus fish.  If you like to learn more about discus fish care then you should go here.  I love them because they are so pretty inside and out.  They really do have  great personality and can swim all day.  They look great!  Their colors and stripes are unique to them.  One is completely unique from the other and their individuality is amazing.

One of the best things I have found that has helped me with caring for my fish, breeding, and finding the right tank is buying The Golden Book of Discus Fish Care.  This book has singlehandedly changed how I look and care for my fish!  If you have one of these fish you should think about buying this book to help you properly care for the fish.

One of the best things it ever did for me was help to buy the right tank for discus fish.  Not having the right tank could mean life or death for your beautiful fish.  You want your fish to live a long time and if you don’t have the right tank then your fish could lose its life.

I can’t stress enough buying that book.  My fish would have been dead buy now if I didn’t buy that book.  These fish are beautiful and in order to keep them that way you should buy that book.  My friends love my fish and comment on them all the time, and what makes them so pretty is that I know how to take good care of them because I’ve done the proper research on discus care information.

If you don’t have one of these fish and are thinking about buying one make sure you check out the book first so you don’t get in over your head!  Most importantly just give your fish love!

Starting a New Dairy Free Diet

the dairy free dietIf you are like me then you are always thinking about how to eat, and what are the best ways to east.  It seems like there is a new diet that comes out every week!  Some say eat meant and some say don’t, some say eat this and some say eat that.  It is very hard to know what is the right thing to do.  Here lately I have been reading about a dairy free diet at http://thedairyfreediet.com.

I never thought that dairy was such a big deal until I began to read their website it.  Click here to learn more.  The basic assumption is that dairy can be a high inflammatory food.  It can lead to osteoporosis and breast cancer.

That is pretty scary stuff!  The big thing that convinced  me was that no other species drinks the milk of another.  We are only designed and made to drink the milk of our own species.  Doesn’t that make you wonder why we are so hung up on milk?  Doesn’t that make you wonder “does milk do a body good”?  It really calls into question conventiol thinking in wisdom.

One of the things you will learn as you embark on a diet that is dairy free is that dairy is in a lot of foods!  Foods that yuo may not have known dairy is in.  You can go here to find out more about dairy free foods.  What I have learned is most of life is mental and that you can do anything you put your mind to.  If you want to be healthy then you will make the sacrifices to get there.

Saying no to dairy is not hard once you make up your mind about it.  Pretty soon you will be an expert and be making your own almond milk instead of milking the cow!  Here’s to healthy living!

Ice cold kegerators!

kegerator coldI have been falling in love with micro breweries and their craft brewing approach!  There are some really great options out there for beer lovers, so much so that it can kind of be overwhelming.  It can also be overwhelming trying to find the right kind of kegerator. Having a mini kegerator or a full size double tap kegerator is a hard choice these days, but ultimately we just want a way to keep our beer cold!

I’ve been shopping around for a kegerator for a few weeks and I’m starting to get close to make my purchase.  I’m looking for a way to hold a full size kegerator that has two taps.  I definitely want options for my kegerator because I’m going to keep this thing for a long time.  I’m also looking at quality and the reviews of kegerators.  I want to make sure what I buy has been properly tested and stands up to criticism.

So far I have found some kegerators that are specifically for outdoors, some that hold a lot of different sizes, some that have digital temperature displays, and many more options.  To put it mildly it has taken me a long time to try to find the right one.  If you want to see some of the information that I have been looking at then click here.

That site has been very helpful in my search because they have really broken down what each kegerator has to offer.  They have charts, and honest unbiased reviews of each product.  You should check out their site and look at what they have to offer.  They even showcase a Guinness stout kegerator!  I never knew they made one of those.  I’m not a big Guinness fan, but you might be and you should probably buy that one.

Anyways, there are some really cool kegerators our there.  Hopefully I will have one in my house very soon, and we can enjoy a cold beer together.  Stay responsible!